The Stand Up and Play Foundation

disableOur Purpose
To provide wheelchair users with the means to participate in Active Standing Therapy through recreation and sporting events.

Our History
The Stand Up and Play Foundation began in the United States in 2010. We are a 501(c)(3) organization that has worked with individuals, community centers, rehabilitation hospitals, wounded veterans and other non-profi ts that desire to better the lives of wheelchair users.

playOur Services
The Foundation works with other organizations to recruit volunteers to provide instructions in the use of the Paragolfer and adaptive sports for wheelchair users. Through the combination of these volunteers and innovative standing mobility devices, we are able to help wheelchair users enjoy activity-based standing therapy programs. The Foundation helps to offset the price of the Paragolfer and other devices through  fundraising and secured discounts for the purchase of the Paragolfer units.

Our Participants
Wheelchair users can suffer from many different debilitating secondary complications which can decrease the quality of life. Standing therapy, as a rehabilitative aid, helps to improve circulation, reduce muscle spasticity, provide pressure relief (helping to reduce or minimize occurrence of pressure sores), and aid in digestion. Our participants are any of the estimated 5.6 million wheelchair users that desire to lead a more active life.


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