The Importance of Participating in USGTF Events

eventsOne of the great member benefits of the USGTF is our growing number of tournaments. The United States Golf Teachers Cup has been held annually since 1996 in all parts of the country, and the United States Match Play Championship was inaugurated 2012. The World Golf Teachers Cup has been held since 1997, and draws participants from around the world. In addition, USGTF Region championships have long been held in the Southeast, Northeast, and Central regions, and the Southwest and Northwest regions started their championships earlier this year.

Approximately two-thirds of the competitors in each US Cup are regular participants, and they say they wouldn’t miss the event for anything. Why is this? Because they know that the tournament is much more than a competition. There’s the camaraderie and friendships that they savor, the chance to travel to new or interesting places, and the chance to play great golf courses. It’s as much as a social event as a competition.

If you haven’t participated in a USGTF competitive event, why not? If your game isn’t to the point where you can contend, it doesn’t really matter. While winning prize money is wonderful, that’s not the main selling point for many participants. And, no one is going to make negative judgments about your game – they are concerned enough about their own.

All members of the USGTF National Office are in attendance at the US Cup, so that’s a good opportunity to meet the people you’ve dealt with over the phone or through e-mail. They are happy to provide their time to hear your concerns or to answer any questions you may have.

The cost of the entry fee, travel, accommodations, etc., are understandably prohibitive for some members, but please be aware that, depending upon your tax situation, such costs may be tax deductible. Perhaps participating occasionally in the US and/or World Cup is an option, or participating in regional events.
Virtually all participants find the competitive experience with USGTF events to be of great value and more than worth the outlay.

If you’ve been thinking about participating but just haven’t yet pulled the trigger, there’s no time like the present, as they say. With the 2014 US Cup returning to the Las Vegas area in celebration of our 25th anniversary, there’s no better location for a first-timer to play in our national championship. If regional activity is more your speed, our monthly e-newsletters will keep you informed. We hope to see you soon!

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