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We all know that many companies are looking for ways to encourage employees to practice healthy eating and are promoting various exercise programs. Their primary reason, naturally, is to reduce sick days and improve the overall health of their employees, thereby reducing health insurance costs and increasing productivity. Corporate Golf Wellness (CGW) has been working directly with corporations in a niche market which is a relatively new and untapped area for golf teaching professionals. We have proven that golf teaching pros who work directly with corporations in conjunction with their health and fitness departments can be rewarded handsomely! Although there are many benefits to golf instructors, the two largest benefits are: It allows you to work full- or part-time in conjunction with whatever you’re doing now, and you can work right in your local area! We have created a low-cost program that has been perfected during our 15 years in business. To get an insight into this corporate program, please read the excerpt to the right from Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel sportswriter Gary D’Amato about our program.

“Russ Gorman found it was hard to get beginning golfers to come to him for instruction. So he took the lesson tee to them. Gorman knew fledgling golfers would feel more comfortable in a familiar setting, surrounded by friends who were also new to the game. What better setting than their places of employment? His first client was the Miller Brewing Co., now MillerCoors. Working with small groups, he taught hundreds of employees the swing basics before they punched in or out on their lunch breaks. He brought in all the equipment and set up indoor driving ranges in the company’s fitness center and the brewery. In 10 years, Gorman’s business has seen explosive growth. He’s added clients such as SC Johnson Company, Quad Graphics, Briggs & Stratton, Midwest Airlines, and Johnson Controls.

“Talk about on-the-job training. Gorman estimates he has given lessons to thousands of beginning adult golfers in the workplace. ‘I think I’ve been successful because I’ve been willing to go to the corporate world,’ he said. ‘Sixty percent of the people I teach are new to the game. They’ve never even hit a ball or swung a club. That’s why you have to go to them. They don’t go to a country club unless they’re going to a wedding.’

“As Gorman’s business grew, he offered discounted golf equipment and apparel to his students and their employers. He also does approximately 5 demo days a year and holds clinics and exhibitions with close friend Mark Bemowski of Mukwonago, WI. the 2004 U.S. Senior Amateur champion. ‘My goal is to get my students hooked on golf.’”

CGW’s program is available to all USGTF members. If you are interested in finding out how you can enter this untapped corporate market, Corporate Golf Wellness has put together a complete program package that provides everything you need.

Please visit CGW’s website at www.CorporateGolfWellness.net, or call Russ directly at 414-254-3606 to learn more about CGW’s corporate golf program.

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