Selling Specialty Clubs in Today’s Market

club1Is there a market for specialty clubs, and if so, who are they for? Golf is again looking to add millions of new players, and to do this, the game must re-market itself. Golf now is trying to attract new golfers with shorter courses, par-3 courses, and 9-hole golf rounds. This new type of golfer will be looking to HAVE FUN, not necessarily to become overly competitive. For this to happen, golf instructors will need shorter, quicker, and easier golf instruction. These new golfers will definitely not take as many overall lessons in the beginning as the traditional golfers. So, if we can show them specialty golf clubs that will make the game easier for them, this golfer will buy them and love them. In my corporate golf world, I meet these people every day. They want to play in their company 9- hole league, or play with their family and friends for fun only. Typical of this new style golfer, they won’t even have clubs yet, so your job as the teacher is to fit them for the correct golf clubs. When the golf instructor fits them for their new  clubs, they will find the anti-slice drivers, anti-slice fairway woods, and anti-slice hybrids and irons  will do wonders for their game. At a typical demo day in my corporate world for the last ten years, I sell more anti-slice clubs than regular clubs. club2Let’s look at some of the unique specialty clubs available. We offer a complete line of antislice clubs: drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. Starting with the driver, the standard offset model is 5° closed and available in 9.5°, 10.5°, and 12.5° lofts and with shaft options of regular, stiff, senior, and ladies flexes. The full offset driver is 7° closed. The teacher should choose the club that best fits his or her student. New this year is the SCRAMBLE DRIVER for the student who wants more distance off the tee. This club is nonconforming, so it cannot be played in club events, but it will assure the golfer of being the longest in his foursome. Referring back to the golfer who wants to just have fun, this is the perfect club for the non-tournament player who wants to hit the ball farther. The line of fairway woods are 3° closed and also offset. They come in 3- and 5-woods in the same shafts as above. We also offer a complete set of anti-slice irons to complement the driver, fairway woods, and hybrids. Today’s golfer loves hybrid clubs because they are easier to hit than all long irons. Two popular models are the hybrid iron and the hybrid wood. Normally, the final choice is determined by the student based on which style of club they hit the best. Hybrids are now available in complete sets of irons and up to the 6-iron in the “wood” model. club3In the May newsletter we introduced a new sand wedge now named THE TEACHERS CHOICE by Geoff Bryant! The object of this club is to enable the weak sand player to finally be able to get out of all sand traps. This club has a 64° loft, a shankless hosel, and bottoms out flat and wide open. This allows the golfer to slide the club under the ball, creating a thin, long divot, and the ball pops out onto the green. If the golfer has trouble with loft on their short pitch shots, this club is also the answer. So, in the end, we have plenty of specialty clubs available for the new and occasional golfer who would benefit from these specialty clubs. Our goal is to retain these new golfers by providing them with clubs that make the game  easier, more fun, and give them confidence. After this occurs, we feel the student will want to take additional lessons and continue to improve their golf games like traditional golfers – we don’t want to lose them!

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