Physics, Psychology, Physiology

At my teaching facility in California, I try to incorporate the “Three P” system to teaching good golf. They are physics (mechanical

principles of the swing), psychology (the psychological mood of the golfer), and physiology (a sense of body feels). In order to teachmore effectively, we should consider the relationship of these principles.

In the case of beginners, I like to focus on the physics of golf in order for my students to get the most out of learning the game. With intermediate students, my preference is more on the psychology of the game so that they are able to handle inevitable negative thoughts, poor shots or excessively ambitious decision-making (mental management of the game).

And, with advanced students, I like to focus my teaching on the physiology of the game. In other words, teaching the correct feel of grip pressure; the feel of where the clubhead is during the swing; the correct feel at impact; and, the correct feel for distance in the short game.

In training other teaching professionals, I receive a lot of positive feedback with this particular theory and thought it was worth sharing with all of our members around the world.

Mr. Brandon Lee is a USGTF Level IV Master Golf Teaching Professional and Examiner. He resides in Tustin, California, where he owns a popular golf training school. His golf teaching concepts have been published in various magazines as well as on TV and radio interviews. Mr. Lee’s 3Ps’ golf training methodology has garnered positive acclaim by both professional and amateur golfers.

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