Conquering The Course: Managing for Results in Business and Golf

25During the week of my golf teaching certification course at Penn National Golf Club in July 1999, three members of my foursome were experiencing a career/life change, and felt that teaching golf was what they might want to do as a part-time or second career.

In my case, my love of the game and experience as a university professor of management and business executive for more than 30 years seemed like a  perfect fit for a part-time career transition. Moreover, the United States Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF) was providing me with the opportunity to become certified to teach golf professionally. As a result of this experience with the members of my group during my certification program, it occurred to me
that many other USGTF members were experiencing similar career changes or transitions and groping for a way to manage their business more professionally and effectively, and thereby meet both their business and golf objectives.

Consequently, I decided to write this book, the objective of which is to provide a process or approach for managing one’s business and golf expectations. Broken down into three parts with three steps or chapters in each part, the book presents the nine steps to meeting one’s business and golf expectations.

The first part presents a three-step plan to changing one’s future and realizing your full potential. It contains a series of exercises and an approach for developing a career life plan through setting some career, personal, and even long-term retirement goals and objectives.

After developing a perspective on one’s life, an  approach is presented in Part Two, consisting also of three steps or chapters, to managing one’s time, both personal and on-the-job. Part Three presents a process for conquering the course by showing in three chapters or steps how to meet your business and golf expectations. It describes and breaks down the management process and illustrates how to write valid business and golf  objectives, as well as how to manage the results you expect to achieve and to evaluate your personal managerial effectiveness, and manage change.
In all three parts, various forms are utilized in developing the nine steps to managing your business and golf expectations and conquering the course.

My approach presents the “how to,” with a process for getting results and meeting one’s expectations. The increasing popularity of golf throughout the world, and particularly by business executives, should make the book highly appealing to them as well as to others who are trying to get a better  perspective on their lives, as well as manage their time, business, and golf expectations.

Lastly, the book contains an epilogue (Part Four) on golf strategy written by Mark Harman, national course director of the USGTF. The book is available at

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